2 thoughts on “EduWatch breaks down ‘Stanine Grading System’ for BECE grading

  1. Was the Stanine Grading System tested or piloted before applying to the students?. This is certainly not a good way to access the JHS students at national level. I appeal to West Africa Examination Council to take a second look at the system and do something about the provisional results released.

    You may want to know the over all best students in a particular subject nationwide but it leaves hard working students who did not copy or did not get the chance to see leaked exam questions demoralized. The National Maths and science quiz is a good way to determine brilliant and hard working students.

    Since the release of the results, I have seen a number of good students crying and refused to eat because they feel they have let their parents down. In my opinion I don’t think the Stanine Grading System is the best approach. The Stanine Grading System can be done at the school or district level but certainly not good at the national level due the number of students who sit for the BECE exams.

  2. This simply means that there’s no pass mark for BECE anymore. How can you go into an examination without knowing the pass mark for the papers you’re going to sit?

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