50 thoughts on “Students not satisfied with 2023/24 BECE result can appeal – WAEC

    1. My BECE result left me crying all day long. I knew what I wrote and what I wrote is not close at all with the result. Why is it fake because I can’t think this through pls i’m begging. Pls I am not satisfied at all

  1. I am not satisfied with my french, ICT and Twi grade bcuz the marking scheme which later came out contains 88% of the answers I wrote. Something should be done immediately bcuz humans make mistakes.

  2. Am not satisfied with my results at all this results kept me crying and worrying. I know I wrote really well. why will u do this without considering the feelings of the students

  3. I am not satisfied with my results at all , I did better when I wrote my mocks at school and that was even tougher than the BECE yet WAEC claims I did poorly in the BECE , pls do something about it

  4. Not satisfied at all, the results my student got is nothing to write home about knowing well he’s capable of the best. Pls I wish the results be checked again before bringing placement. So horrible!

  5. Please as for me I am not satisfied with mine, because they said it is provisional result am just waiting for the final results because I don’t understand all this, please WAEC do something to help me

  6. Please can you check the results again for us we beg because we don’t understand looking at what we wrote and what we’ve gotten it must be check again pls

  7. I know my capabilities but this result I earned is too poor I wish something would be done by WAEC. My mates and I was in shock. I cried helplessly hmmmm

  8. Pls am still doubting my daughters results because I know she’s a good student and performs well in school but her result is a no to me so can something be done about it

  9. I know what I wrote and the result which came out got me wondering if someone else’s script was marked for me. The mock we wrote was more difficult than the BECE yet I did better. Though my results could be considered good, I cannot accept it

  10. I’m not satisfied with the results I had This Modern Ghana, everything is rushing because of too much money that the markers will have depending on the numbers of papers they marked WAEC should do something with it before the placement wil

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