10 thoughts on “95% of parents, candidates not satisfied with BECE results – Survey

  1. I’m not satisfied with the results released at all, these made me sick because I know performance, I hope something went wrong with the gradings system, they should check before the placement should be out.

  2. Am still finding it hard to believe my results. months of hardwork and what I get is bad. Hmmmmm I think something must be done drastically before placement is out. I least expected this.

  3. I am actually disappointed at the alarming rate of how bad the provisional results turned out. We parents know what each child is capable of, especially when you as a parent spent sleepless night with them during their studies. I still cant believe it’s my son’s results.

    I urge WAEC to please go through their scripts once more please. My son is very devastated and it might affect his further studies.

  4. I think WAEC is not being fair to we the students who sat for the exam. I had to be rushed to the nearest hospital after seeing my result. Nine good years of hard work only to be told that I failed the exam. WAEC please do something about this results.

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